Animated explainer videos represent short videos that are usually used to grab the attention of the online and offline audience. Most of these videos are created to explain what a company does or what their products and/or service are about. There are thousands of companies around the world that have used the benefits of animated explainer videos. With their help, they were able to make complex ideas much simpler and more understandable for the average consumers. As a result of that, they had more sales and they were able to strengthen their brands. In addition to their use online, these animated videos can be used for TV commercials.

The process of creating animated explainer videos is not complex, but it’s not simple either. That’s why it is highly recommended to use professional help at least at some phases of this process.

 The first step in this process is to create an engaging video script that is able to convert viewers into buyers. According to some experts, this is the most important part of the production process because this is where your business message is summarized. Typically, animated explainer videos last between one and two minutes and the script has between 150 and 300 words.

The other important step is to create suitable voiceover. There are many freelancers that are conducting voiceovers. The voice you select must be clear and it must match the story of the script. Of course, talking about the stages of animated explainer video production without mentioning the storyboard is a huge mistake. There are professional artists who will take care of this stage. They will create a set of scenes that will set the basis for the video. You will approve these scenes before the artist starts adding details.

The process ends with the production phase itself. This is the point where the animation is synced to the voiceover. The producer will test the video and view it carefully eliminating any possible problems before he or she delivers the final product.

Once you have the animated explainer video prepared, it is the right time to start uploading this video on the platforms where you want to share it. In most cases, business owners are uploading explainer videos on social media platforms like Facebook, on their business websites and on video-sharing websites like YouTube. The last option is very important because you can easily share your video anywhere you want.