There are many different types of explainer videos used today, but many people opt for whiteboard explainer videos. They find them more attractive and more suitable for what they are trying to explain to the public. On top of that, there are many examples of successful whiteboard explainer videos for companies focused on different industries. If you have decided to use this type of videos, there is one important thing that you should think about – whiteboard explainer videos pricing. If you are planning on creating a professional-looking explainer video of this type, you have to think about your budget. Keep in mind that the price should not be the only thing that you should take into account when looking for a production company, but this factor is still very important. So, how is the price of whiteboard explainer videos formed?

First of all, you should know that the price depends on the location of the production company. Of course, you can always use online video production companies for this purpose, but these companies have to operate somewhere physically. Generally speaking, production companies from developed countries are offering whiteboard video production at higher rates than companies from developing countries. But, the high price usually comes with a higher quality too.

Next, another factor that contributes to the price is the length of the video. As you are probably aware, whiteboard explainer videos are popular because they don’t last very long and modern viewers have short attention spans. Yet, a one-minute explainer video is usually cheaper than a two-minute video. In some cases, production companies are taking the seconds into account too. Think about the length of your video before you opt for a production company.

Furthermore, we must mention the creativity and originality of your video. This is something that you should be careful with because modern consumers can recognize template content. Namely, there are many companies offering video production services that use templates in their work. This means that they use the same or very similar characters and follow the same story over and over again. Obviously, a video like this will cost you less, but the question is – will you be able to attract potential customers with a video like this? It is a smart idea to invest more to get more creative and more unique whiteboard explainer video because after all, you are trying to stand out from the crowd with this video.