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Disney promotes ‘Aladdin’ Broadway musical with VR

Virtual reality is here and it is literally changing how we see things. It is why companies all over are implementing the engrossing technology into their systems. The latest to do is Disney which is using virtual reality to promote Aladdin. Via the virtual reality prism, anyone can get a mind-blowing experience of the Aladdin Broadway musical. Already there are countless companies using virtual reality as a marketing tool. Truth is that as an advertising platform, virtual reality is very rewarding. Not only for the business, product or service being offered, but for the viewer as well.

Virtual reality provides users with an engrossing experience that leaves many in awe. Images come to life right before their eyes in 3D and 360-degree angles. Plus, the 180-POV and other perspectives, add to the immersive and fascinating experience. Those and other reasons are why Disney has been using VR technology to promote Aladdin. A person can view a 360 degree video that lets them feel as if they are literally on the show’s stage. Additionally, the viewer is capable of seeing action that is almost too real to believe. In fact, some say the view from the VR experience is better than having a front row seat to the show. That is based on the position and angles by which the images and video are captured.

Characters from the popular Broadway musical Aladdin come to life right in front of people’s eyes. All of this is accomplished through the virtual reality portal. Users can click on a banner which lets them see engrossing views of several characters. They can view Aladdin and the Genie sing songs such as “Friend Like Me,” for example. In addition to the VR technology, Disney is also utilizing augmented reality (AR). The latter is quite promising since many are calling it the future of entertainment. Still, the entire Aladdin virtual reality promotion from Disney is much more than a VR video. People are able to obtain a great deal of information about the show. This is done via 360-degree entertaining graphics. The digital text, facts and info allow people to look around, click and drag and do tons of other fun stuff.

The adult industry has already been using virtual reality to promote its content. It is why VR sex movies and VR porn sites are so popular lately. Many credits the porn industry – albeit discreetly – with making VR technology more mainstream. It is ironic that pornography is driving family-oriented companies to push VR technology. But the popularity of Czech VR videos and others have shown mainstream businesses how powerful VR tech can be. Disney has no doubt noticed this and it is why they are bringing Aladdin via VR, to their fans.

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