Broadway is a platform where many producers yearn to have their shows featured. However, even after making it to the theatre, there is no guarantee that the show will be aired for long.

The production has to be really good to be able to last for a longer time. Here are some of the longest Broadway shows:

Phantom of the Opera

Since it was opened in 1998, the Phantom of the Opera show has been aired over 10,000 times. The show is an Andrew Lloyd Webber production and has had numerous cast changes through the years.

To date, the show still excites the fans and has won numerous awards in the years it has been aired.


Th3e show has been run for over 1000 times on Broadways since it was introduced in June 1975. Despite this, the show has received mixed reviews from the viewers with some having a low opinion of the show.

The show has won 6 Tony Awards through the years which proves that it is a great show despite the criticisms.

The Lion King

The Lion King has been aired 7, 883 times since 1997 when it was first played on Broadway. The show is an animated show and has been given the highest ranking at the box office.

Though the costumes are not original, they are the best and this is among the reasons why the show is quite popular. If this trend continues, the show will soon overtake the Chicago show and rank second.


The Cats show was once the longest running show in London before it was overtaken by Les Miserable in 2006. The show was introduced in Broadway in 1982 and had 6, 138 views before its closure in 2000.

There is still some revival running regarding this show as it recently pulled over $1 million in one week at the box office.

Mamma Mia!

The show is also known as The ABBA Musical and has had over 5,000 performances on Broadway.  It keeps its fans glued to their seat and it is definitely a show worth watching.