Though both Hollywood and Broadway produce high-quality shows, the manner in which the entertainment is offered differs. Here are the main differences between Broadway and Hollywood:

The Focus

Hollywood is focused on making movies that will be watched on big screens or by their fans at home. The movies will be aired in such a way that you will feel like part of the action from any location and this will keep you yearning for more.

Broadway is mainly focused on live performances. The audience will be able to relate with the actors one on one and partake in their sorrows and joys.

The actors

In Hollywood, an actor will be given a second take if he makes a mistake in the shoot. Scenes will be redone several times until the desired effect is achieved.

For Broadway, the performance is live and there is no margin for error. The actors ought to have perfected their art before going on stage.

The viewers

In Hollywood, you will be able to watch a movie over and over again at the comfort of your home without incurring additional cost.

For Broadway, the performance is live and once it is over, it cannot be repeated at will. You have to buy a ticket for another day if you wish to watch the performance again.


When an actor is performing live on Broadway, the pressure is too intense. Every focus is on you and if you make a mistake, you will not be given a second chance.

There is less pressure in Hollywood when the play is ongoing as the act had already been perfected during the recording phase.

Whether you choose Broadway or Hollywood, you can be assured that you will be fully entertained. You will choose the show to attend based on your personal preference and the time you have set aside for the show.

You should make an effort to watch the two as they are both unique in their own ways. They complement each other and what you lack in one will be found in the other.